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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of properties will list on the MLS?
We will list single family and condominium properties.
How many listings per year may I list?
You may list one property every twelve months.
Am I responsible to follow MLS rules and regulations and pay MLS fines if I do not?
Yes. You are required to follow applicable MLS rules and regulations and must reimburse for any fines it faces as a result of your failure to follow the rules. MLS rules and regulations can be found at the footer of our home page.
Do I need to notify if the property goes under agreement and eventually sells?
Yes. MLS requires that your listing be updated when the property is under agreement and again when it sells. You must notify within 24 hours of either change or MLS may impose a penalty that you are responsible for.
Am I required to pay a buyer agent or “cooperating agent” fee?
You are required to offer a fee of at least 2% to any licensed real estate agent who is responsible for bringing you a buyer. If there is no agent involved, then you pay no fee. The agent must be the “procuring cause of sale” – in other words responsible for bringing you the buyer.
What is the "procuring cause of sale"?
A real estate agent or broker who, by their actions in producing a buyer, brought about the sale of a property. Procuring cause acknowledges that to earn a commission a broker or a salesperson doesn’t have to be present when the buyer and the seller ink the deal. Rather, brokers need only show that they initiated an unbroken chain of events that resulted in the deal between the buyer and the seller.
Can I offer less than 2% to cooperating agents who bring me a buyer?
While it is legal for to offer cooperating agents less than 2%, it is our policy to require sellers to offer 2% of the gross sales price of your property or a greater amount of your choosing. We require a minimum compensation to safeguard the integrity of the MLS as well as our reputation with the real estate community.
What state(s) does list properties in? is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and no other states. We list properties in any city/town throughout Massachusetts.
Can I cancel my listing at any time?
Yes. However, you will still be responsible to pay any agent the commission you have offered who is responsible for bringing you a buyer if that buyer ultimately purchases your property.
Is my agent? represents you as a “facilitator agent” and is only placing your listing on the MLS and keeping the listing updated. We do not offer traditional full-service representation but rather only MLS placement. If you desire full service representation, you should not list your house with our service but rather with a traditional agent.
Am I allowed to place my name and contact information on the listing remarks area?
It is against the rules of MLS to put your name and contact information on the listing for public display. Your contact information can be gained through our website and is also available on the MLS for agents or other MLS participants to view such as real estate agents and appraisers.
Can I post an Open House on the MLS?
Yes. Just send us an email and we will post an open house for you. You will be responsible for hosting your open house on your own without a representative being present.
How many photos can I post?
You are required to post one photo and can post as many as thirty. Any photo sent to must be the property of the seller and not the property of any third party such as a prior listing agent.
Can I post a yard sign?
Unfortunately, MLS does not allow signs to be posted on a property that is listed on the MLS unless it is the sign of the listing agent office. Since we are providing an “entry only” listing service, we do not provide a yard sign and you will not be allowed to have a For Sale sign on your property. If you have a For Sale or other sign for selling your property, MLS rules require that we remove your listing from the MLS.